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to the Anglican Diocese
of Rockhampton Website

The Rockhampton Diocese is included in the Province of Queensland and is one of the 23 dioceses making up the Anglican Church of Australia. The diocese covers an area of approx 57million hectares, more than twice the size of New Zealand, and contains nearly the whole central division of Queensland. The population of the Diocese is 216,000 of whom approximately 48,000 indicate that they are Anglicans.

Basic Principles Of The Anglican Church
In The Diocese Of Rockhampton

An intelligent, biblical and historically based faith.
An incarnational faith that cares for humanity and creation.
A faith expressed in relationship with God and each other.
Faith and pastoral practice expressed through liturgy.


This Diocese has adopted "Faithfulness in Service"

Allegations of Abuse

A protocol has been established to respond to any complaints of abuse within parishes and agencies
of the Anglican Diocese of Rockhampton. Anyone wishing to seek assistance should telephone
The Director of Professional Standards Mr Greg Milles on 1800 242 544

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